Our property valuation portfolio

As a leading provider we supply market data and services from a single source. All products in our portfolio are ideally suited to each other and to your activity in the real estate industry.

Real estate inspections and valuation services

Inspections and valuations are necessary, but time consuming and costly.

For banks, an inspection and/or valuation of the property financed or to be financed is usually required in the context of credit approval processes or with changes in the circumstances within current loan agreements.

Financial institutions want to know that this step was handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, and this is where we support them with a high-quality and nationwide service. From Hamburg to Montenegro, for Germany, Austria and South-Eastern Europe – nationwide from one source.

For companies that need the current value of a property, be it for balance sheet preparation, for sale, or for decision-making processes, we are the first point of contact that can provide substantial support through its comprehensive service and expertise.  The values determined by us are recognised and verifiable.

Sprengnetter – your partner for all valuation tasks

We offer the uniform implementation of outdoor and indoor inspections, the creation of simplified valuations of primarily residential real estate as well as the preparation of market value appraisals for standard residential real estate and commercial real estate. Our nationwide service supports you in focusing on your core business in your new customer business, and in the inspection and evaluation of your real estate portfolios, keeping expenses and costs as low as possible.

Real estate inspections

Market value indications

Market value appraisals

Your benefits at a glance

We provide you with professionally competent advice and together with you, we develop an efficient and safe process solution that is optimally tailored to your requirements. With the Sprengnetter real estate valuation services, you benefit from the following advantages:

Cost reduction

with an efficient and nationwide all-in-one service at a fixed price which also saves you internal resources.

Time savings

thanks to a central and high-performance consultant for all services. For internal inspections, we also take over scheduling appointments for you.

Optimal workflow

through a professional online order management with archive function. Our workflow system ensures an optimal process chain. Every status in the process chain is documented and traceable, therefore absolutely audit-proof.


through the comprehensible fulfilment of supervisory and regulatory requirements.

Uniform quality assurance

through the use of certified object surveyors or qualified inspectors, uniform inspection protocols and high IT security standards.

A local contact person you trust

A central, experienced and reliable contact person for all services in each country. We have Sprengnetter professionals in all our mentioned countries.

Optimal process chains, time-saving and cost-effective

Our workflow system ensures an optimal process chain.  Every status in the process chain is documented and traceable, therefore absolutely audit-proof. Furthermore it is time-saving and cost-effective because of standardized process. The workflow covers both the country view and the holding view.

Security and control at any step of the workflow

Our services can be ordered easily and conveniently via the Sprengnetter order management system. Our team prepares the documents you provide in the system and procures further valuation-relevant data, such as cadastral maps and land register extracts, as required.

You can track the current order status at any time via our online system and make order-related inquiries via the communication tool. The system thus offers you the greatest possible security and control. After completing the order, the documents are directly available for download, of which you will also be informed automatically via e-mail.

Your contact in the financial industry

We will gladly advise you regarding inspections & reports, software solutions, market data, as well as education and training.

Günther Schabus

+43 (0)4276 5704

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